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Topics 1) Some have said that the focus of Othello is not the title personality, as-is the event with Shakespeare’s other great disasters, Macbeth. Hamlet. Is Othello basically also one dimensional to be deemed a tragic hero that is great? Does our interest gullibility decrease in him and his suffering? 2) Why does Othello not examine Iagois allegations? Why does their own proof not be sought by Othello of the infidelity of Desdemona? 3) Samuel Taylor Coleridge once wrote that Iago’s soliloquies would be the “reason-hunting of motiveless malignity.” Is that this a precise statement? Does Iago have a reason or objectives for his hatred of Othello? 4) Investigate the character of Desdemona. What does she signify inside the play?

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5) should you see the play closely you will note that not enough time may have passed on Cyprus for Desdemona to essay writers have committed adultery. Examine the situation of the probable dramatic causes behind this unrealistic passage of period and time in Othello. 6) Discuss Othello’s connection with Desdemona. Does he truly appreciate her? 7) Examine the female heroes inside the play. Is a typical purpose shared by them? 8) Examine the issue of racism in Othello and bond it to the problems of racial violence in Elizabethan England.

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